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The ZOLANAH Method


We develop comprehensive strategies that encompass all deliverables, ensuring each element aligns perfectly with your brand’s objectives.


Our team excels in creating both eye-catching designs and compelling copy, crafting a cohesive and engaging narrative for your brand.


We expertly implement your deliverables across various Email Service Providers and eCommerce Platforms, ensuring seamless integration and consistent performance.


Through continuous analysis and refinement, we optimize deliverables for peak performance and ROI.

Case studies

our portfolio

Email Marketing Generated $960k Revenue in 2023.

From just over $200k (less than 20% of total revenue) generated through email marketing in 2022 this brand had an amazing opportunity to grow. We stepped in late 2022 where we helped this brand smash black Friday and get ready for 2023. The first thing we did once we got on-board was completely replace all current flows and add multiple new flows and a/b tests to maximize account results. We also helped the brand become consistent with campaigns that weren’t just sales based, this lead to email revenue being one of the strongest channels in 2023 contributing to 37% of revenue.

$135k in 7 days with 9 Emails.

LV3’s Best Ever Black Friday. From campaigns alone we added over $135,000 in 7 days with 9 emails. In this 7 day time frame email was responsible for roughly 47% of all DTC revenue! Since then we have implemented advanced flows to give all of their buyers a perfect customer journey and encourage first time buyers to become repeat purchasers and build extremely strong brand loyalty! 

From €50k to €187k with Emails in 90 days.

Before we came in there was no real strategy. Klaviyo was only delivering 13% of revenue at this point and was a second thought when it came to marketing. The only types of campaigns being sent were sales. Every time an email was sent it was to the whole list killing deliverability. There were only 3 flows and they were extremely basic. Once we stepped in we started sending campaigns regularly, and not just with sales! We added all relevant flows and started to segment the account currently to push new buyers and our VIP’s with different messaging tailored to have them convert. This led to getting email revenue up to over 31% of revenue in 90 days.

From $0 to $114k With Campaigns Over 6 Months.

Before we partnered up with Divine Secrets they couldn’t generate any money from email marketing campaigns, unless they had a sale. This was killing one of the biggest leavers that email marketing pulls, highly profitable sales. Because of this we had to completely change the prescription that the list had for this brand. We knew buyers were just waiting for that bi-weekly or monthly 25% off sale. So things started slow, but over time though sharing brand building content we won them over. This allowed us to sell stock at full price and push hard with campaigns such as new products, back in stock, bestsellers, reviews and so much more! In this 6 month period over 28% of sales came from campaigns alone, not just emails!

$483,968 in 4 Months from Emails Alone.

Between September 2023 and December 2023 we helped OOSC add $483,968 across their 4 DTC stores worldwide. When we came into the OOSC account and became partners they weren’t necessarily in a bad position at all, what lacked was consistency and optimisation which are two of the most important factors for keeping an email list engaged and converting. Over the first 2-3 weeks we redesigned all of the OOSC flows so they were optimized to convert whilst also encouraging new repeat purchases for new buyers and un-engaged customers. From there we set out on building a campaign calendar that would work across all regions and allow us to stay in touch and up to date with all of our potential buyers. This led to amazing results giving some stores up to 42% of revenue from email in this period.


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